Meet Life Here

The world has become a dream
the layers blurred and mingled.
When I don’t feel G-d
in every heart beat,
I am lost in the mist –
Belonging nowhere

I walk through this city
in a body made of space;
I can’t find any place
that I am – or am not.

The senses flow unrecognised,
erased of meaning;
My story floats unreachable,
beyond the stillness.
I think I have forgotten
how to be a person.

I move amongst people a stranger,
There’s a place from where the Soul comes –
to which we all return
I know us each so intimately,
so inseparably there – I have become

Heart whispers:

“Look at the moon,
breathe in unseen
sounds of light – moving,
watch the wind,
feel rain on skin –

Let love find you.

There is a silence
in all things – meet life

Turn to the world empty handed;
Listen to the beauty
everywhere – waiting
to be spoken.

Fill the deepest holding
of your heart – now
breathe out
all the blessings.”


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8 responses to “Meet Life Here

  1. I’ve read this poem a number of times already. It touches and caresses the paradox of living. The opposites co-existing, the sacred and the profane, concrete and spirtual. As Woody Guthrie said “this world is such a great and a funny place to be”.

    • I really enjoy so much to hear how things appear to others – and it’s a new experience to have my poems commented on – I love this comment – thank you Bumba! (and what a great song Woody sang it in too, makes me smile, the quote you shared here, every time!)

      • Do you know the rest of the verse? (from I ain’t got no home in this world anymore)
        As I roam and ramble there’s lots of things I see
        this world is such great and a funny place to be
        the gamblin’ man is rich and the working man is poor
        and I ain’t got no home in this world anymore.

      • Yes! Wonderful song.

  2. In those times of deep desolation, my only way out has been to give what I most desire. However it is not simple to find a human who can accept deep love. Plus, it’s not unconditional because it is not without motive… So I have to dole it out in small doses.

    • Dear Soul dipper.. well that was the second time in one day that your words made big hot tears roll down my cheeks – so thank you ! – and i accepted your comment here as a small dose of deep love : ) Yes it resonated – and made my heart swell with a “yes” and “Yes”. Wonderful sharing – rich with truth – Offers a way to actively work with what is here. Thank you, so much. ~

  3. I experienced the total lack of identity you describe so well, when all I could do was take my cues from nature and trust that I would be taken care of. I as and love found me. Beautiful lines with deep and personal meaning, Tara, thank you 🙂

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