A Prayer

I pray that I will come to be free of my ego
And grasping mind
That I can move beyond self
To the freedom of heart centred loving

I pray that I will awake fully from this illusion
That I may embody the awareness we were meant to be
That I can reflect back to the consciousness of love
The light of your eternal beauty

I pray that I can connect to what is
That I can come to a place where hearts are whole
Where walls and shadows have no place
Where there is only space for celebration

Please guide me to walk along your path
I pray that my spirit may dance with you
A dance of creating truth and joy
A dance of grace being love and light

Please stop me from falling
Please heal my separation from
The natural way of being in love

I pray that in my being I may become a vessel
Through which love can flow relentlessly

I pray that I
As humble and imperfect
Can honour my soul calling
To serve love to serve light
To become clear
To enable healing

I pray that I
Although often forgetting
Can more often be remembering
Although often sleeping
Can more often be awakening

I pray that these words will create
Movement not thoughts
That the G-d in them will manifest
And become my reality

Please guide my spirit
To take flight
From the imagined problems
Of my little self

I pray that I
Can become We
And that We
as One will Be

That each precious and beautiful gift
That each moment of life
Can be embraced in its entirety
That we will unlearn and learn to see

And that our combined awareness
Will expand to mirror to reflect
The divine miracle
The endless eternal perfection
Of conscious loving

That we all may be in light.



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